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To celebrate Wexford organisations with a track record for best practice in integrated energy management and environmental best practice through technology upgrades, process solutions or staff engagement.

Open To:

This award is open to any company, organisation, individual, academia, start-ups, researchers and inventors that can demonstrate consistent work, investment and commitment to the conservation of the Environment through

  • Reduction in the Carbon Footprint
  • Increase in Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation
  • Smarter and SustainableTravel and Transport
  • Use of Clean Fuels/Renewables
  • Pollution Reduction
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management
  • Environment Improvement
  • Habitat / Diversity
  • Passive construction / Architecture
  • Organic farming / agriculture
  • Cleaning and laundry product manufacture
  • Clean fuels (including Maritime)
  • Printing (clean chemicals)
  • Manufacturing/best practice




  • Tell us about your business. Demonstrate the uniqueness of your approach to energy and environmental conservation and detail how it enhances your product and or service offering. How does this approach bring added value to your business performance, productivity, efficiency, customer engagement, staff and/or customer satisfaction?


  • Highlight the benefits generated by your environmental best practices for the wider community, locally, regionally or nationally.


  • Showcase details of any collaborative working arrangements, joint ventures, or other initiatives undertaken with other County Wexford regional, national, or international businesses, organisations, clubs, societies.


  • Outline the management or quality control systems, formal and informal, that ensures that the environmental conservation activities and standards your organisation has committed to are consistently achieved, monitored and maintained.


  • Outline details of staff environmental training and development programmes and how the environmental approach of your organisation is fostered throughout all team members.


  • Tell us about your sales and marketing activities, both online and offline, promoting energy efficiency and environmental conservation and advise how your approach to environmental conservation has impacted on your success.


  • What is your organisations Energy and Environmental strategy? Briefly outline the organisations vision for energy conservation and environmental protection for the next 3 years and outline the measures you intend to introduce to achieve this.

The above will be assessed in the context of the size and resources of the business


Please note: Financial details may be requested at time of interview

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