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The Retail Award will recognise and reward retail stores, companies, websites and individuals who deliver continuous and exemplary standards.  Those who inspire and encourage team members to work together to deliver the ultimate experience to customers and consequently drive business and success.

An expert mystery shopper will visit as part of the judging process.  The mystery shopper will announce their arrival into the store but no prior notice of the visit will be provided.



  • Tell us about your Retail business. Demonstrate the uniqueness of your shop, brand and quality in products, services or delivery mechanisms. How do they bring added value to your business performance, productivity, customer engagement or customer satisfaction.
  • Highlight the benefits generated by your retail business for the wider community, locally, regionally or nationally.
  • Showcase details of any collaborative working arrangements, joint ventures, or other initiatives undertaken with other County Wexford regional, national, or international businesses, organisations, clubs, societies.
  • Outline your management or quality control system, formal and informal, that ensure the high standard of consistent delivery of your product or service and monitoring of customer feedback.
  • Outline details of your staff training and development programmes or investment in harnessing the skills, knowledge, competencies and resources of industry best practice or other improvements in the past 12 months.
  • Tell us about your sales and marketing activities, both online and offline, that demonstrate business performance, presence, awareness, sales leads, repeat business, and growth. Please provide details of how you measure your success.
  • What is your Retail business strategy? Briefly outline your vision and tell us about your management/operational systems, business planning, risk management, cost control, financial management, performance targets, measurement tools, sustainability measures, expansion/development plans.


The above will be assessed in the context of the size and resources of the business


Please note: Financial details will be requested at time of interview

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