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This award will recognise the organisation that goes above and beyond its business duties to improve the well-being of others within the local or worldwide community.  For example excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the following areas will be recognised:-

  • Environmental – focusing on eco issues such as climate change
  • Community – improving the quality of life for people in the community
  • Workplace – improving the well-being of staff
  • Charity partnership – working with a charity to help in fundraising, promoting or assisting in other areas of their work


  • Tell us about your business. Demonstrate the Corporate Social Responsibility ethos of your organisation in terms of products or services offered or delivery mechanisms that bring added value to your business environment, community, workplace or charity partnership through engagement activities.
  • Highlight the benefits generated by your business acting responsibly for the wider community, locally, regionally or nationally.
  • Showcase details of any collaborative working arrangements, joint ventures, or other initiatives undertaken with other County Wexford regional, national, or international businesses, organisations, clubs, societies.
  • Outline your organisations policies/commitments/ investment, formal and informal, that ensure the consistent delivery of your added value service and how you monitor customer feedback.
  • Outline details of any specific staff training and development programmes or investment in harnessing the new skills, knowledge, competencies of industry best practice in developing Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Tell us about your engagement and consultancy experiences and activities, both online and offline, that demonstrate the impact of your work on your work place environment, morale, motivation, communications, learning, image, partnership relationships, the community, staff well-being or other measures of success.
  • Briefly outline your vision for how your organisation can continue to contribute to creating a better society going forward.


The above will be assessed in the context of the size and resources of the business

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