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To recognise companies that have implemented training initiatives to benefit their staff which demonstrate excellence and a high level of performance in all aspects of education within an organisation.



  • Demonstrate excellence in the delivery of high quality, educational, relevant, skills training programmes, products, processes or services
  • Innovative and measurable business practices
  • Sustainable practices employed in the past year

This category is open to public bodies and private enterprises in County Wexford


Application Questions:

  1. Provide an overview of the training initiatives implemented in your organisation, outlining why the initiatives were developed and the process. How do these initiatives align with the educational and skill development needs of your employees?
  2. Share examples of innovative business practices (i.e. resources, delivery methods, assessment etc.) integrated into your training initiatives, and how you measure their effectiveness with tangible metrics and KPIs.
  3. Highlight how you gather employee feedback and engage them in the training process. Also, describe the role of leadership in supporting and promoting a culture of continuous learning.
  4. Explain the sustainable practices employed in the past year and how your training initiatives demonstrated adaptability and flexibility to accommodate changes in the business environment.
  5. Outline your organisation’s future plans for enhancing training and development. Additionally, explain how your training initiatives align with the overall business goals of your organisation.

The above will be assessed in the context of the size and resources of the business.


Company/Individual Information

Note – please use company name you wish to be used in publicity

Detailed Information

Please give clear and concise information in each of the following areas. This criteria will form the basis of the judges decision.
I hereby consent, if I am selected as a County Wexford Business Awards shortlisted applicant or winner, to the release and use of my name, business name, and photographs, which may be taken of me, and I agree that no compensation shall be due to me or my company for such usage. However, all competitive and financial information shall remain confidential unless I give express written approval for its release. Furthermore, I confirm that the information provided to and with this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I acknowledge that whilst every care has been taken to ensure that advice/feedback given on this programme is correct, neither County Wexford Chamber nor our sponsors will accept any responsibility for loss, damage, etc., arising from or occasioned by the implementation of such advice.

Completed application forms must be submitted online by 5.00pm on FRIDAY, 8 March 2024.
An independent judging panel will review all applications received and shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

ALL SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEW ON THURSDAY, 11 April, at Clayton whites Hotel | Business Centre – time will be advised. Telephone Interviews are NOT an option.

County Wexford Business Awards Gala Ceremony
Friday, 24 May 2024| Clayton Whites Hotel, Abbey Street, Wexford
Dress: Black Tie
Drinks Reception: 6.45pm sharp
Seated: Promptly 7.30pm

Tickets: €120 plus VAT per person