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To recognize Wexford based businesses which excel in online sales and marketing harnessing the latest business thinking, creativity and technology to keep them at the cutting edge and up there in terms of social media engagement.



Business Background

Tell us about your business. Demonstrate the uniqueness of your brand and quality in products, services or delivery mechanisms. Tell us about the people that work in the business and how it is structured in terms of responsibilities, decision making, co-operation. Define your industry. Highlight the benefits of your business to the wider community. Highlight any collaborations with local charities, clubs, organisations.

Marketing Plan

Businesses are aware that marketing and keeping pace with technology and digital change is critical to success. Tell us about your overall integrated marketing strategy including offline activities and how you achieve your competitive advantage for your business products or service.


Digital Marketing

Tell us about your digital sales and marketing activities, that demonstrate business performance, presence, awareness, sales leads, conversions, engagement and growth with emphasis on how you measure success.

Specifically demonstrate or show how you create flow and clarity in your web design and layout. What is your web content objective, how often do you update copy/content to keep it relevant, How do you measure returns for online advertising, can you show examples of campaigns?  How important is search engine optimisation, how do you manage or use keyword searches? Do you blog? Do you use platforms for connecting links to your website? Do you use e-marketing and how effective is your message delivery, response rates?


Social Media Strategy.

Tell us about your social media activities that impact your business performance, engagement and growth with emphasis on how you measure success.

Tell us about your use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube, and your choice of imagery, video, content, key messages that you use across all platforms and what gets engagement for you.


Training & Development

Outline details of your staff training and development programmes or investment in harnessing the skills, knowledge, competencies and resources of industry best practice or other improvements in the past 12 months.


Briefly outline your vision and tell us about your financial management, performance targets, measurement tools, sustainability measures, expansion/development plans.

The above will be assessed in the context of the size and resources of the business


Please note: Financial details will be requested at time of interview

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